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Welcome to SkinSwipe! With our app you can avoid scam and trade Dota 2 and CS:GO skins on your phone. After you login to SkinSwipe you’ll have a 7 days tradeban on Steam, but if at the same time it will be your first time using Steam Guard tradeban will take longer — 14 days. Unfortunately this is all about Steam security policy and we can’t avoid it.

There are a few simple rules:

1. Selling and buying skins are restricted;
2. Don’t trust strangers and never accept a trade without skins;;
3. Always check the price on Steam market before accept a trade;;
4. All trades have to be also accepted in Steam so never confirm a trade if you see an offer that is different from the one you were promised in our app.!

What do you need to start trading
7 quick steps:

1. Sign up on Steam if you don’t have an account;
2. Make any purchase on Steam. At least 30 days must have elapsed since the first purchase, and no more than a year must have elapsed since the last purchase. This restriction is also related to the Steam security policy;
3. Download the Steam app on your phone;
4. Turn on the Mobile Authenticator in the Steam Guard section of the Steam mobile app for maximum safety. Remember: it will be possible to trade only 7 days after you turn the Mobile Authenticator on;
5. You need to have tradable skins in your inventory. In the description of such skins there is a green “Sell” button;
6. Open access to your inventory. Profile → Inventory → More ... → Privacy Settings → My Profile (switch to Open). This setting allows other users only to see your inventory, it is impossible to take skins without your permission;
7. Log in to SkinSwipe using your Steam account. Remember: after the first Steam login, the smartphone will have a 7-day freeze (in cases if you went to Steam from the same smartphone more than 7 days ago, then there will be no freezing). You will be able to start exchanging 7 days after the first authorization on your smartphone. Do not worry, this will not affect your ability to exchange skins on other devices.

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How to create a trade

There are several ways to trade in SkinSwipe:

1. Auction. ТYou put up one or more items for an auction, and other users within 7 days can offer their skins in exchange, from which you can choose the ones you want or choose nothing;
2. SuperTrade. You choose the skins that you want to trade, then choose ones you want to receive in exchange for and all SkinSwipe users with the skin you have chosen as wanted will receive a trade offer;
3. Regular trade. You can find users in the chat, comments section or the «People» screen and offer a trade to any user;
4. Also you can raise yourself to the first place on the «People» screen and get more trades from all SkinSwipe users!

How to use Coins and SkinCoins

- What are Coins?
- With coins you can create an auction, accept a trade, place a bid, raise the auction to the first place in the list of Auctions, or raise to the first place in the list on the «People» screen.

- How do I get Coins?
- You can buy Coins, receive them for viewing ads and get them for entering your friend's invite code which can be found in the «Profile» screen. Coins have no expiration time and stay with you forever.

- ЧWhat are SkinCoins?
- SkinCoins are kind of the same as Coins. You can spend them on trades, raising to the first place in the Auction list and on the «People» screen, and get all other things available for regular coins. The only difference is that they expire some time after activation. We give out 50 skincoins per day for adding «.SkinSwipe» to your Steam nickname!

All Premium advantages

Premium subscription offers many benefits:

1. There is no need to pay for Auctions with Coins — it’s free for Premium users :) Additional costs are not included in the Premium price, but most of the app functions do not require payment;
2. Premium user have an access to the Premium chat, where they can communicate with other Premium users;
3. Special Premium chat with technical support, in which you can get any answer to your question as quickly as possible.

P.S: You can always cancel your subscription in the AppStore / Google Play or through technical support.

How to avoid scam

- What do i do if someone trying to scam me?
- Contact us through the Technical Support section with a complaint about the User and send us proof of fraud (screenshots of chat messages).

- How can I protect myself from Scam?
- There is a simple rule: do not trust anyone and check the trade on all steps. Especially If you are offered stickers.

- How do I know that it’s a scam?
- Scam-users can suggest you to sell skin or to boost/upgrade your inventory. Never agree.
- Trade can be swapped on Steam: The user has offered one skin in SkinSwipe and submitting another on Steam. Unfortunately we cannot trace this, check the trade before accepting it on Steam. This happens especially often with stickers. If you see something like that, send us a link to this person's profile and a screenshot with the proof.
- The list will be updated.

Chat rules

- What is forbidden to do in the chat?
- To curse;
- To insult other users;
- To send links to the third party resources;
- To offer to boost skins and upgrade the inventory;
- To offer a trade with an additional payment;
- To offer to buy skins;
- To offer any other suspicious schemes;
- To spam;
- To sell/exchange skins on the referral-, promo- and any other codes for our app;
- To beg for skins;
- To annoy other users in any way.

- What will happen if I break the rules?
- SkinSwipe can block your in-app profile, or disable any functions (restrict the access to chat for example).

- What to do if I didn’t find the answer to my question?
- Send it to our Support! There is a button at the bottom of this page.

Violation warnings

What can lead you to Violation alert:
- Obscene language. If you receive multiple complaints we issue a warning. If complaints continue after that your access to chat will be blocked;
- Creation of inappropriate bids in the auction. If your offer significantly exceeds the price of a skin or vice versa — you’ll get a warning.

Red sign in the chat

The reasons we can put a re sign:
- Using loopholes of our app and not notifying us about them;
- For all violations related to chat blocking. You automatically receive a red sign so that other users are more attentive during the trade process;
- After removing the chat ban we leave this sign. If you show yourself as a good user and there are no complaints about you — we’ll remove the sign.

Chat mute

What can lead to the chat mute:
- Selling/buying skins. You can be the best seller with a million positive reviews, but even then the mute cannot be avoided;
- Initiation of a trade on other services. «Go to Steam, I'll tell you everything there», «Here's my discord nickname: SayHiToMom #1337, we'll discuss the details there» - this is prohibited. We are confident that the trade through SkinSwipe will be fair, but outside the application you put yourself in danger of becoming a victim of scammers;
- Promo of the third-party resources and posting links in the chat. Nicknames with links are also censored. No matter how cool the resource is we cannot risk the safety of our users.

Ban system

What can lead to the ban in SkinSwipe:
- Scam attempts are leading to a ban without the right to get unbanned. Even if you are a premium user and donate millions it won't save you;
- Any fact of a scam: account theft, selling/buying skins, attempts to create fake accounts after blocking;
- If you received a warning and then continued to violate the rules, then your account will be blocked;
- Scamming users. Let's imagine you offered to trade AK-47 Redline for AK-47 Blizzard, but instead of Redline you throw AK-47 Orbit. The correction of the offer is only possible in the SkinSwipe application itself. If you receive a similar complaint, you will receive a chat block and an abuser's sign;

Support staff have the right to punish users without explaining their reasons.

Frequently asked questions

«I have a chat mute but I’m a good user now and I won’t violate the rules anymore. Can you unmute me?»
- Yes, after 14 days from receiving the block, you can write us in direct messages on VKontakte with a request to remove the mute. The decision to unblock a chat will be made based on the reason of the mute in the first place and your reputation.

The user claims that the item in his inventory is worth $50, although on Steam Market it is $30. Can you ban this user?
- No, we do not restrict users from evaluating skins. We recommend you to try to find the same item at a price that suits you. UPD: This also applies to stickers, the price is negotiated personally by users, we only display the average value from the Steam Market.

What is the lifetime of a trade?
- The trade/auction lifetime is 7 days. If during this time the trade has not been accepted by both participants it will expire..

When I can use the invitation code?
- You can use the invitation code during the first 3 days after registration in SkinSwipe. If you try to enter the code later, we will assume that you found us without the help of your friends. Other special promotional codes can be entered regardless of the date of your registration..

I don't have skins. Can you give me some for free?
No, but there are a lot of events in our VK community where you can win skins:

What is error 15?
- This means that one of the trade participants either didn’t make a purchase on Steam, or did not link Steam Guard.

One of the items is not tradable anymore.
- This means that one of the trade participants has not updated the inventory and the app can’t create a trade. Update the inventory on the settings screen and ask another user to do the same.

How to to get items from the trade into inventory?
- The recipient must accept your trade and confirm it on Steam. After that, you also need to confirm the trade on Steam and the items will appear in your inventory automatically.

How to write a complaint

1. Copy the link of the user’s profile you want to report. It’s better if you’ll give us a link to a SkinSwipe profile but you can get by with a Steam profile too;
2. УPlease provide a detailed reason for your complaint.Tell ua as much detail as possible on what exactly this user did, attaching screenshots with proof of guilt;
3. Send a link to your profile so that we can examine everything in detail;
4. Wait for our answer and watch for a fair and quick punishment of the scammer!

Go to SkinSwipe Support

How to report a bug

1. Link your SkinSwipe profile;
2. Describe the bug/abuse details;
3. Attach the screenshots/screen recording with demonstration of a bug/abuse. You will be rewarded if you’ll find a critical bug and report it to us;
4. All done! You are breathtaking!

Go to SkinSwipe Support